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WizTree Download For Free [March 2023]

WizTree Download For Free

Wiz tree is a good and high disk space analyzer. It shows such files and folders which occupy the most disk space. Your hard drive files are displayed visually and now you can easily locate your large files and folders. Through WizTree, you can easily expel ‘space hogs’ from the hard drive.

What is WizTree?

WizTree has many extended file-searching credentials. It can be used to sort out the hard drive by the size of the file and has the choice to delete the selected files and folders.

How to search files through WizTree?

WizTree has numerous advanced file-searching faculties. Files can be searched by name, size, and date through WizTree. To probe into files, there are a few steps,

First, completely scan a drive or the folder, then choose the “File View” check. In “File Search Filter” enter your details. Automatically WizTree will only show the top 1000 matching results but you can alter this by positioning the “Max files to display” setting. The document displaying “ALL” files can slow down the process if there are a huge number of files.

How to download wiztree software?

WizTree can be downloaded following some super easy steps which are given below,

  •     Download the file.
  •     Double-click the icon to set up the program.
  •     Click on RUN.
  •     Select the language and press NEXT.
  •     Agree to the license agreement.
  •     Press INSTALL.

WizTree software features

The key features of WizTree are the main reasons why it is distinct from other contemporary software. Following are the key features of WizTree,

  • It frees up your disk space.
  • It doesn’t wait for the disk scan results to come. WizTree does it within seconds.
  • It gives Periodic updates.
  • It is validated.
  • It’s completely free of cost.
  • It’s transferable.
  • It Supports TOTP
  • Files and folders can be easily sorted according to size.
  • It gives a view of a Treemap.
  • The treemap view gives you a complete visual of large and small files.

Is WizTree easy to download?

It is very easy to download. It does not let you wait for a disk scan. It’s free to use in person. You can simply download the software through the link.

  •       The file will be downloaded securely from our site.
  •       This file downloaded is noncontroversial and is scanned with an antivirus protection layer.
  •       All files are in authentic format.

Is WizTree safe?

WizTree is free from viruses and malware. It has been downloaded thousands of times per day by users. Freeing up space in a hard drive is never an easy task and if you are looking for an effortless and effective way then wiztree is the go-to software for you. This software is an Antibody software with free and little utility that scans NTFS magnitudes at blazing speeds, which makes it possible to reside in considerable files and folders in less than no duration at all.

Pros and Cons of WizTree:


  •       With this software it is quite easy to deduct space hogs and free up space.
  •       A visual tree helps to locate files by size making it easy to find out which files occupy more space.
  •       New features are regularly updated in the software to make it more up-to-date.
  •       It saves time and does not let the user wait for long hours for disk scans.
  •       It quickly scans NTFS files and directly scans the files from the disk.
  •       It accurately counts the files unlike other software that does not count the file more than once.
  •       It is free for personal use however there is a supporter code that can be purchased for commercial use.
  •       It certainly has a lead in the file size view division. It’s extremely easy to use and the configuration is equally easy to get around.
  •       The previous version was ignoring a “graphical space analyzer” display, but the new one has it. And when you click into one of its space boxes the list view occupies the files.


  • It works with any other file technique but maintains a similar speed as any other generic space analyzer.
  •       It does not properly report on external HD, skipping some (normal) manuals and reporting some folders with ridiculously large sizes.
  •       It does not refresh when the background file changes.


WizTree is a much faster disk space analyzer than any other application. You can easily rely on this software. Even it has an operative version that does not need any installation. This software is not functional for Mac but there are plenty of alternatives that operate on macOS with identical functionality. The setup procedure completes in no time. You are welcomed by an inhabitable interface, comprising a standard window with a well-organized configuration. All one has to do is select the targeted drive and scan it with a single click of a button.

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