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Shortcut Virus Remover Download Free [March 2023]

Shortcut Virus Remover Download Free

Shortcut virus remover is a portable and lightweight program. It is developed by the Netpark Brothers to help out users get rid of malicious software, this software can create many shortcuts in the window system. Unlike others, with its advanced scanning engine, it can scan all the data on your system. It identifies and removes all the unnecessary files from your hard disk.

By deleting unnecessary files and shortcuts you can have ample extra space on your system. It helps you to have more space and a virus-free system as well.

What is a Shortcut Virus Remover?

Various third-party software products can provide the same functions of removing shortcuts from the pc, but this software is free to use and has some amazing features. This can remove shortcut viruses from your pc, SD card, USB, or any storage device connected to your pc in a few moments

How Shortcuts affect our PC:

Shortcut malware spreads via portable devices, for instance, USB, Hardisk, SD card, or any other attached device. Most of the time it happens when a user connects to any external file, or it can also happen if a person downloads a corrupted file from the internet. This can enter into the system in the form of any of the given below viruses.

  • File Shortcut virus
  • Folder Shortcut Virus
  • Flash Drive Shortcut virus

Features of Shortcut Virus Remover

It removes all unwanted shortcut viruses from the system to declutter your pc and boost the efficiency of the system. It has some amazing features that are impressive and accessible to users.

Eradicate Broken and Invalid Shortcuts

It locates and wipes out all the broken shortcuts scattered all over the system in just one click. It saves your system and disk from unwanted viruses and files. It scans your system and goes through the files, locating all the invalid shortcuts. After locating them in your pc, the software reports back to you, so that you can pursue the option of eliminating them. By eliminating them you are securing your pc from unnecessary files and folders.

Declutter your Desktop

This software helps to share the burden of the desktop by avoiding the time-consuming shortcuts among many icons of the desktop. It eliminates the shortcuts from the desktop giving it a clear view and making some space too.

Boost PC Performance

Now there are no more shutdowns, slowing a system, or full storage notifications. Because this software increases the functionality of the pc. When all unwanted and unnecessary files have been deleted, automatically the space has been freed up. As a result of that free space, the system boosts up and works more efficiently. Moreover, it removes all the remnants of the shortcuts which end up boosting the speed of the pc. The speed boost feature helps users to work efficiently without wasting any time on sudden interruptions.

Deletion of Recent History

Shortcut remover is capable of deleting recent history in web browsers. The URLs that are visited can be accessed through the history tool in it and that is a threat to your privacy. This tool can also delete the recent search or visited website history from the web browser and if anyone can have access to your computer, cannot reach your recent history. It can delete the recent history shortcuts in your history tool, media player,  or document software to protect the privacy of the system.

Other main features of this software are:

  • Simple and easy-to-use function
  • It is compatible with modern Windows: Windows 8 to window 10
  • It also supports a wide range of USB storage device manufacturers.
  • It is not possible to clean out the various devices at one time.


The Shortcut virus remover is only designed to deal with affected shortcuts. It is only here to remove the shortcuts that have been formed in the hard disk or USB. it cannot remove other malware in the USB or the hard disk, as it only deals with unnecessary shortcuts.

It is compatible with all modern windows and works perfectly fine to remove the shortcuts in them. The most compatible window is Windows 10 as it is the latest.

Cons of Shortcut Virus Remover

So just like the above-mentioned advantages of this software, it has one or two glitches as well. With the feasibility of this application, these glitches can be easily ignored.

  • The main problem lies within this software is that it is not compatible with every system. Some specific windows are compatible with this software.
  • It is not an antivirus program. It is just to eliminate the shortcuts that form within the folders or files. If the system has any other sort of virus or malware that needs to be treated by a separate anti-virus.


This program is not only effective but also easy to use. Users don’t need any special guidance or tutorial to learn the functionality of this software. It reveals all the files that are creating the shortcut viruses and gives you options to remove them. So instead of searching, and selecting shortcuts one by one, this software scans the file or system and locates all the shortcuts, and deletes them. As a result of this, we may free up much space in our system.

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