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Download Japanese Font For Windows 7 For Free [March 2023]

Download Japanese Font For Windows 7 For Free

Looking forward to downloading the Japanese fonts for Windows 7 devices or are you finding it in some specific applications? The answer to your queries is right here in this article.  

In this blog post, We will discuss how you can download and install Japanese Font on your windows 7 devices. So without wasting any further time, Let’s get started:

What is the Japanese Font for Windows 7?

MS Mincho is the name of a Japanese font featuring serifs at the end of its strokes and can be employed for all sorts of services from screen presentations to publications. Normally, Japanese fonts already have been incorporated as East Asian Languages Package in computers. 

Few computers with English or different Western operating systems do not exhibit Japanese symbols by default, but considerably need merely a minimal piece of work to install or turn on the faculty.

How to Download Japanese Font?

Are you worrying about how to download and install Japanese Font for Windows 7? Or what process do you have to go through to add a Japanese font to your system? The solution to your queries is right here.

To download Japanese Font on your Windows 7 computer, There are many websites that offer free downloads of the software, including our own website.

All you need to do is visit our website, Search the ‘’Japanese Font For Windows 7” from the search bar, and then follow the prompts to complete the installation process.

How to Apply Japanese Font?

To apply the japanese font to the desired approach, Follow the steps given below:

  • First, you have to Click the “Start” option.
  • Then you have to type “Region and Language” in the bar and hit the “Enter” key.
  • After that Click on the “Administrative” tab.
  • Click on the Change “System locale” option.
  • Then you have to switch the “Current System locale” option to the “Japanese.”
  • Click on the “OK” option and then the “Apply” option and later on “OK” again to finish the process.

Use of Japanese Font:

Employing this setting can occasionally be hindering and problematic because multiple software organizations look at this setting and attempt to install the Japanese language rendition. If you are unable to read Japanese this might restrain your productivity to some extent.

But the thing is you can change this setting anytime soon back to English, and then install the software again. After installing the software you can reverse it back to Japanese so your other programs that need Japanese locale can still work.

Japanese Input in Windows 7:

In Windows 7 the inputting method of Japanese input is brisk and effortless in comparison to XP. Now you do not require a Windows installation CD to install the software, but all of the Japanese fonts are already available in the default installation.

Japanese Fonts:

Word doesn’t sift the font index based on your present language, but if you attempt to type Japanese in an English font, Word automatically swaps to the default Japanese don’t, which is MS Mincho. MS Mincho is not an incredibly elegant font, with its serifs turning out to be grainy at regular and tiny text sizes. Windows comprises two alternate Japanese fonts which are MS Gothic and Meriyo. MS Gothic is a sans-serif typeface while Meiryo is another sans-serif face that employs neat lines that are easily readable. 

Japanese Spell Check:

English documents of Word don’t incorporate a spelling checker for Japanese which works out of the box, but Microsoft recommends a spell checker for free download. Finish up Word if you have opened it before you are moving forward. Look in on the Japanese Proofing Tools download page and click the Download option.

Specs of Application:

The Japanese font for Windows 7 has a free License, that’s why the application can be downloaded without paying anything. The Version of this software varies from one device to another. The Platform required for this application is Windows, while the OS is Windows 7. The language accustomed to this is the English language. By far the number of downloads is 2 thousand.

Pros and Cons

Like every other software, This App also has its pros and cons.


  • Japanese font has a Precise and authentic Japanese Character Design.
  • It contains a very straightforward, neat, and Clean Look.


  • Fonts are not designed for extensive use; they have limited Usage.
  • The Font is not Perfect for Long Texts, but it can be used for short texts.


Microsoft supports these Windows developments for the contemporary Japanese age revamps. Japanese font for Windows employs a series of two standardized character codes one is an ideographic base character code, and the other is a variation selector to determine a glyph variation, which is likewise a standard character code. Extensively Adobe‘s Japanese fonts have been formulated by referencing the Adobe-Japan1 Character Collection, which is a glyph batch.

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